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eUploader PRO

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Many websites have the need to handle file uploads. Printers get files from customers, engineers send files to manufacturers, media organizations receive images from advertisers, and the list goes on. If files are very big, simply attaching them in an email is not a solution... email of anything over 2MB is "iffy", at best. And FTP is generally too cumbersome for most users. If you need an easy way to allow people to upload large files, eUploader PRO is the answer.

Uploading files is not as easy as it sounds... there are many considerations. First, there is just the technical aspect of transferring files reliably. Second, there is the security aspect of allowing files to be uploaded to your server. Last, there are many other factors that dictate how you want files handled once they are safely uploaded. All of this would take considerable time to accomplish on your own. Why not just utilize eUploader PRO?

Whether deployed as a stand-alone web application or integrated into an existing web page, eUploader PRO provides the functionality and security needed to handle file uploading via the web. It is easy to install and flexible enough to meet the needs of a wide range of requirements.

If you want to get to a final solution faster, get eUploader PRO today and you'll be in production quicker than any other approach!

Read on to learn more... and to see screenshots below.


frontend (User Login: demo / demo)
backend (Regular Admin Login: admin1 / demo)
backend (Master Admin Login: admin2 / demo)

NOTE: The demonstration system is automatically reset periodically.

Please remember that this is a fully-functional demo... we do not restrict use and some people abuse it by uploading inappropriate photos from time to time. These are deleted when the demo resets, but if you are exposed to any, we apologize. DO feel free to delete them using the admin interface.


Single Domain

License Fee: $ 69.95 USD
License Type: Lifetime
Updates: 12 months included
Support: 12 months included

New version released FEB 9, 2009
  • Greater user control, including multiple admins
  • Optional CAPTCHA in the upload form to prevent spambot abuse
  • More options in organization of uploaded files
  • Replacing spaces in file names to prevent problems for some uses
  • Ability to restrict user views
  • Optional use as a plain form (without an upload file)
  • Flexible date formatting
  • Enchanced security
  • New user interface for the admin section
  • Support for multiple admin accounts
  • Many minor enhancements

Easy HTML Layout

click to view full size screenshot

The quickest and easiest way to deploy the script is as a stand-alone site and simply defining HTML header and footer sections in the admin control panel. This can be done in a matter of minutes. Then, make a few selections as to how you want uploaded files to be screened and stored, along with any restrictions for user access, and you're ready to go. Of course, your actual requirements might be more complex but you'll find hundreds of options in the setup to allow eUploader PRO to accommodate most needs. You can also elect to have the form only integrated into a separate PHP page.

Optional Graphic Template

click to view full size screenshot

If you want a fancy graphic interface, you can select the use of external template files and then adapt those templates to incorporate your own graphic designs... in essence, you can "skin" the script's appearance.

Admin Upload Dashboard

click to view full size screenshot

Enabling people to upload files to your site is just one part of the puzzle... how do you manage those files after they're on your server? The admin control panel has a dashboard that lets you see where things stand at a glance. You can drill down to see individual uploads, too. And, if you need to contact all uploaders, you can send an email to everyone at the click of a button.

Easy Admin Access to Uploaded Files

click to view full size screenshot

A user can send one or more files in a single upload. As an administrator, you can view them as a group or individually and, if you like, easily send an email to the uploader.

Basic Upload Settings

click to view full size screenshot

eUploader PRO supports multiple language files. To prevent spambot abuse, you can choose to have a CAPTCHA image and field inserted at the bottom of the upload form. One unique feature is the ability to even use the program WITHOUT requiring a file to be uploaded... in other words, you can use it as a simple input form with user-defined fields.

Flexible Upload Form Appearance

click to view full size screenshot

Defining the layout can be as simple as inserting simple HTML in header and footer sections. For a more sophisticated appearance, you can elect to reference templates and then define those in any way you choose, just like building your own web page but without having to worry about the actual form portion of the page (eUploader PRO will take care of that part!).

Flexible Form Field Definition

click to view full size screenshot

You can define the number of fields, type of fields, and all the related options (such as whether the field is REQUIRED or not) to build the upload form EXACTLY to meet your needs. All of this without requiring any programming skill.

Restrict File Types and Sizes

click to view full size screenshot

eUploader PRO gives you control over the types of files that are uploaded (some can be dangerous if you aren't careful!!). It also allows you to restrict the size and dimensions of uploaded files as well as the amount of disk and bandwidth that can be used.

Control Uploaded Files

click to view full size screenshot

What happens to files when they're uploaded? Perhaps you want a watermark put on them to automatically "brand" them. Maybe you want them put in a shared directory for use by any uploader... or put in private directories only accessible by the uploader (and you, as administrator, of course).

When a new file is successfully uploaded, the system can automatically confirm that with an email to the uploader... and notify the administrator via email that a new upload is there.

Manager Users and Directories

click to view full size screenshot

Whether you want to make the uploading feature available to anyone, or available to anyone who has a common password (one password for everyone), or lock it down to individuals who must have an account (that YOU give them) and use their own specific password, eUploader PRO gives you the control you require.

Many Other Features

Our powerful and proven PHP script has too many features to list, so we invite you to explore our demonstration system. It is fully-functional and you can see the "front end" like any internet visitor, the "private side" that only a registered user/uploader has access to, and the "back end" administrative control panel where you manage the entire site. Feel free to log in and check it out!

Among the other features of eUploader PRO

  • Security to disable direct access and execution of uploaded files
  • Ability to ban IP addresses
  • Select the format to use when displaying dates
  • Adapt the file timestamp to adjust for your timezone
  • Option to display image thumbnails on the public site
  • The language files include English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, and Romanian. However, new phrases were added in the last release and only the English file was updated (others are only about 85% complete).
  • Option to rename filenames with spaces
  • Options for handling duplicate uploads (replace, skip, change the name)
  • Comprehensive help file (English only) to describe control panel options
  • And much, much more...

License/Purchase Terms

License is for USE on a single domain. NO ownership or resale rights are included. Since we are delivering software, we do not offer refunds. Examine the features and explore our fully-functional demonstration system BEFORE purchasing. Also, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have prior to ordering.

Single Domain

License Fee: $ 69.95 USD
License Type: Lifetime
Updates: 12 months included
Support: 12 months included

Ask about multi-domain licensing discounts as well as private labeling rights.


Although this script has an installer that is quite easy to use, we do offer an optional script installation service. You'll see this option during the checkout steps.
Price : $20.00 USD per license

Credit Line Removal

Optional right to remove the ScriptsFrenzy credit line (link in the footer) on your website. Especially valuable if you are a web designer using the script to fulfill a customer requirement. Copyright notices within the PHP source code, which is not seen by the public, must remain.
Price : $50.00 USD per license


PHP 4.3.0 or greater
  • safe_mode off
  • register_globals off
  • file_uploads on
  • Several other settings also must be sufficient for the size and type of files you want to allow to be uploaded

PHP GD extension (library for graphic functions)
MySQL 4.0.0 or greater
Server: Unix/Linux - Powered by Apache
Server: ionCube support (most loaders included in the zip file)